In this section of the site we have tried to answer all of the questions or concerns that you may have before entrusting your pet with Dog Liberty LLC. If there is a question that isn’t covered on this page then please feel free to contact us! 


I Am Interested In Dog Liberty LLC. How Do I Get Started?

  • To get started you can contact Dog Liberty LLC at (855) 787-9255 or e-mail us at We will arrange a convenient time to meet you and your pet and discuss our services, review our service/process and select a start date.

What Services Do You Provide?

  • Dog Liberty LLC provides a variety of services to meet your pet’s needs. We provide dog training, dog walking, and pet sitting. We offer dog walking for clients located in the Astoria & Long Island City area needing walks Monday through Friday.

How Does Your Dog Training Service Work?

  • Our dog training is based on positive reinforcement techniques. Each training session is catered to the client’s specific needs. We provide private in-home training sessions and give lesson plans for the client to reference throughout the training process. All training programs include unlimited emails. Our goal is to ensure that each dog owner becomes an excellent dog trainer, understanding how canine psychology works and living harmoniously with their pup.

How Does Your Sitting Service Work?

  • We provide two options for sitting. The first is in-home sitting. A sitter will go to your home 3 times a day and walk, feed, water, and play with your pet. If you require the sitter to stay overnight, there is a $25 additional charge.
  • The second option is to have your pet stay with one of our sitters. All owners must drop off and pick up their pet at the sitter’s home.
  • Your sitter will send daily updates and let you know how your pets are doing. We make sure to keep your pet on schedule and happy in your absence.
  • For sitters staying at your home, it is important to provide us with a time when you will be home. Please notify us of your arrival to know your pet is being cared for after the sitter has made the last visit.

What Do You Mean By 'Professional' Dog Walking?

  • Dog Liberty LLC believes that the term professional dog walker means that the walker is qualified, skilled and certified in being able to safely and effectively walk a variety of dogs.

Do You Provide Off Leash Walks?

  • Dog Liberty LLC does not provide off leash walks as the safety of your pet is our upmost concern. We believe the safest way to walk your dog is on leash.

How Long Does The Visit Last?

  • As the pet owner, you can select the length of the walk. For example, if you select a 30 minute visit the walk will be 25 minutes with the remainder of the time devoted to freshening the water bowl and dry/brush the dog if required. We also offer 60 minute walks.

How Much Do You Charge?

  • Prices vary depending on the service(s) the pet owner selects.

Do You Have Any References?

  • A variety of references are available on request to support the character, motivation and reliability of the individual performing the dog walking and pet services.

What Do You Do In Case Of Bad Weather?

  • In the case of inclement weather such as snow storm, freezing rain and very hot or humid days Dog Liberty LLC will assess the appropriateness of a walk for your individual dog. If the walk is not advisable due to inclement weather, we will ensure the dog gets out for a potty break and will play with them the remainder of the visit. If the weather poses any danger to your pet or our staff, Dog Liberty LLC reserves the right to cancel walks. We will give plenty of notice in these cases for you to make plans accordingly.

How Does Dog Liberty LLC Retrieve And Return My Keys?

  • Dog Liberty LLC will pick up the keys as soon as the service has been agreed upon and will return keys promptly (24 hours) on cancellation of services. We require 2 sets of keys for all walking and sitting clients. One set will be for your walker/sitter, and the second set we will keep in our office in case of lock outs or other emergencies.

Where Are My Keys Kept?

  • All clients’ keys are kept in a locked secure safe when not in use. The keys are never labelled with the client’s address. Dog Liberty LLC cannot accept keys that are left in certain hidden spots for us to use.

How Much Notice Do You Need To Start A Service?

  • Notice required to begin Dog Liberty LLC’s service will be arranged promptly and negotiated with the pet owner.

How Much Notice Is Needed To Cancel A Service?

  • For all services, Dog Liberty LLC requires a 24 hour cancellation notice. Any walks cancelled the same day of service will be charged.

How Will I Know How My Pet Is Doing While I Am Away?

  • Dog Liberty LLC provides all walking clients with daily update via our company magnets. In case of any emergencies, we will call you immediately. If we are unable to get in touch with you, we will call the emergency contact you provide.

What Happens If My Pet Becomes Ill While I Am Away?

  • If you pet is ill when you are away Dog Liberty LLC will contact you promptly to obtain permission to take the pet to your veterinarian.

My Pet Needs Medicine. Are You Able To Provide This Service?

  • Dog Liberty LLC will provide pills and drops but will not give medicine by injection.

What Types Of Payment Methods Do You Accept?

  • Dog Liberty LLC accepts credit card payments made with Visa or Mastercard. We also accept cash and checks made out to Dog Liberty LLC. All payments must be received before we begin service. Dog Liberty LLC will send all clients an invoice when payment is due.

What Happens If I Cancel A Walk And Already Paid For It?

  • Dog Liberty LLC keeps track of all cancelled walks and will deduct those from the next invoice the client receives.